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Sprint Testing Solutions offers comprehensive ranges of materials testing services spanning over materials qualification, application and performance testing and failure analysis. We are a trusted testing partner to many of the world's most recognized brands within the Automotive, Transportation, Catalysis, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Polymer sectors.

We provide comprehensive services in the development, processing, characterization and testing of all materials which is fulfilled by our vast network of highly specialized labs . Powders, catalysts, metals, composites, and polymers are characterized by both destructive testing and non-destructive testing methods to determine their properties, performance, strength, durability and resistance to corrosion etc.

We are a leader in the provision of microscopic analysis of materials using FESEM, HRTEM, EDS, Raman and AFM and chemical analysis services using OES, XRF, XRD and XPS techniques. Our services are broadly classified as following.

Our expertize spans across a broad spectrum of applications. Choose from a range of standard test or customize them to fulfil your analytical testing requirements

Chemical analysis

Chemical Analysis

Find out what Sprint Testing solutions offers to validate materials and qualify products and understand their composition

Material Characterization

Material Characterization and Failure Analysis

Our experts can help you understand the critical information determining the performance and properties of your materials and can help you resolve the mysteries of the failure of various components and materials.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Validation of products and materials for their mechanical properties provides critical information about their performance. Find out what Sprint Testing Solutions offers.


Training and Consultation

We have been in this industry for over a decade. Our Experts can train your team and new recruits on several analytical tools and techniques. We offer consultation from material selection, data analysis all the way to product validation.

    Sprint Testing Solutions

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