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Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Spectroscopy is a non-destructive technique which is used to identify the molecules present in the sample using raman scattering. In this, a monochromatic light is incident on the sample, most of the light which is reflected is of same energy however a slight shift in the energy resulted from inelastic collision of the source to that of the molecules which occurs too, this scattered light is captured to study the material properties. This process is known as Raman Scattering.

In Raman Spectroscopy, light scattering is used to identify the molecules through the spectrum formed known as raman spectrum. This spectrum is compared with the library of molecule fingerprint database.

In Raman spectroscopy any kind of sample can be analysed whether it is liquid, solid, powder or gas. Handheld Raman Spectrophotometers are available where any sample at any moment can be analysed and identified. The detector used in Raman spectroscopy is CCD i.e Charge Coupled Device.


Raman analysis technique is extensively used to determine the defect ratio in graphene. This analysis technique has various applications in material characterization, catalysis, pharmaceutical, archaeological & geological industry.

Sprint testing Solutions has expertise in quick Raman analysis with facilities catering to various academic as well as industrial researchers With us you can speed up your research qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The below mentioned test is done in laser source of 532nm.

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