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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing is required to determine how a device or material functions in-use. This information is critical when used to compare the performance. The mechanical test results provide valuable information to help customers with selecting material, verifying material from a new supplier or evaluating a heat treat process.

Mechanical Testing evaluates materials under conditions such as tension, compression and temperature. Sprint Testing Solutions routinely assesses mechanical properties, including strength, hardness, ductility, impact resistance, fracture toughness, elongation and stress.

Our Mechanical Testing services are up to date with latest techniques and international standards compliance requirements which include but are not limited to:

Tensile Testing

Impact Testing

Fracture Toughness

Fatigue Testing

Hardness Testing

Creep & Stress Rupture

Flattening test


Bend testing

Compression Test on Spring, Mountings or on Assemblies

Re Bend Test

Flaring Test

Flattening Test

Shear Test

Nick Break Test

Wedge Load/Head Soundness Test

Heat Treatment

Welding Qualification

Weldability Test

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